Lessons learnt from real life incident information sharing

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You are invited to the 9th Thematic Workshop session on July 7th 2022, organised by the Empowering EU ISAC consortium and the European Commission (DG CONNECT). Following up to the polling results of topics for thematic workshops, this workshop is about lessons learned on real life incident information sharing. During the workshop our expert network from the European ISACs will share their experiences on information sharing about incidents that happened recently. They will answer questions like: 1. What was the first trigger the incident and what was the impact for their organisation? 2. What did they do to mitigate the incident? 3. How did they inform peer organisations including their ISAC colleagues? 4. What are the lessons learnt? So who's this workshop for? Anyone with an interest in information sharing among ISAC-member organisations. Participation will strengthen you, your organisation and the ISAC you participate in; and it will prepare you to incident information sharing in the future. The goal of this workshop is to inform you and to inspire you and your colleagues. The materials and sources from the workshop are freely available. Please send a mail to in order to receive the calendar invite and login details.

Online Thematic Workshop 5: The revision of the NIS Directive (NIS2) and its effect on cross-border information sharing

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This workshop is about the Revised Directive on Network and Information Security (NIS2) and its effects on cross-border information sharing. The Consortium will give the stage to Boryana Hristova-Ilieva. Boryana is a legal officer in the Unit H.2, which deals with cybersecurity and digital privacy policy of DG CNECT of the European Commission. For the past two years, she has been part of the team working on the implementation and revision of the NIS Directive. The main focus of her talk is to explore the effects of the updated Directive to cross-border information sharing in Europe.