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Dear EU ISAC network member, We are delighted to announce our 3rd Annual meeting to be held physical. We invite you to join us in sunny Athens, Greece on September 6 2022. Register now through the link provided here or click on the button above! We furthermore invite you to use September 5 of September 7 to meet up with your ISAC to organize your own meetup in the pleasant environment in Greece. To meet with your European ISAC and arrange available spaces to host your own General Assembly, contact Rossen Naydenov should you wish to make use of this option. Note that for this event, ENISA and EC do not cover for travel nor daily expenses. REGISTER HERE:

2nd Annual Conference

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EU ISAC CONFERENCE 2nd Annual Conference | October 26 - 2021 | Start stream 12.45 | 13.00 – 15.00 CET Online | Open to all Co-organised by: The European Commission (DG Connect) & ENISA, the EU Agency for Cybersecurity & EU-ISACs