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Empowering EU ISACs information package

Learn more about the background of the project and how it can support in setting up an ISAC in your sector.




This is a comprehensive toolkit for establishing and developing Information Sharing and Analysis Centres. It includes activities, documents and tools, everything you need to set up and run an ISAC.

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ISACs by the Numbers 2020

Looking back at the first year of the Empowering EU ISACs project. It includes an overview of support that the project delivered, examples of project deliverables and a look forward to 2021.


Way of working 

This document provides concrete tips on how to organise working groups to channel efforts within an ISAC and work efficiently.


Blueprint for setting-up an ISAC

Describing the early steps any ISAC should follow before officially launching the initiative in a sector.


ISAC Terms of Reference Template

This template ToR provides ISACs with a starting point for the development of their own ToR. It can be adjusted depending on the needs of the ISAC being formed and the sector in which it operates.


Information Sharing Platform

A high level overview of the Empowering EU ISACs Information Sharing Platform which will be available soon for the benefit of EU ISACs.


ISACs by the Numbers 2021

We look back at a successful second year of the Empowering EU ISACs project. Involvement of sectors keeps on growing and ISACs are becoming more self supporting. 


Overview of EU ISACs

This document provides the overview of current sectoral Information Sharing and analysis centres in the EU.