Empowering EU-ISACs

REPORT OUT - EU ISAC Conference 2022

Start Date  -  End Date

Ethnikis Antistaseos 72 & Agamemnonos 14, Chalandri 1523

Dear participants to the EU ISACs Conference 2022
We look back at a packed day of networking, learning, inspiring and sharing with much pride and energy. The atmosphere in the room has hopefully reached the remote working locations of many, and the offline sessions allowed for many handshakes and follow-up contact to be planned. Cross-learning between ISACs took place, and further in-depth introductions were made possible during the network lunch.
Starting with the opening notes on the state of ISACs, two head of units recognized the importance of this network of ISACs and encouraged us all to maintain the momentum and grow in maturity over time. Creating trust takes time and commitment, but it will turn out to be the essential ingredient in the glue.
In the second session of the day, the networking took place. Hearing the attendees talk on a variety of topics, ranging from way of working to sending out TLP-Amber information, gave confirmation that this part of the conference led to valuable contacts for the attendees
The third part, an expert panel on the future of ISACs, brainstormed on the possible shape and form that both the network of ISACs as well as individual ISACs can take. With panel attendees from Japan and delegates of different ISAC initiatives throughout Europe, the session sparked much agreement upon the further maturization of ISACs in Europe and putting CISO’s into the board room.
The conference was adjourned by the EU ISACs Consortium with a symbolical handover of a relay baton: the baton was passed from Project Lead Roeland de Koning to Paraskevi Kassen project coordinator from ENISA. 
A lively social dinner was organized by ENISA to exchange final thoughts of this conference and lay a good foundation for trust for future collaborations. 
If you want to stay up to date on the professionalization of EU-ISACs, please inform Rossen Naydenov [rossen.naydenov@enisa.europa.eu].  

Please find the used slides by Andrija Visic and Oliver Schwabe by clicking on their names [links to PDF documents].