Empowering EU-ISACs

Online Thematic Workshop 7: Cyber Threat Intelligence in the context of ISACs

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The 7th Thematic Workshop session helt on September 30 2021, organised by the Empowering EU ISAC consortium and the European Commission (DG CONNECT).

This workshop is about CTI - Cyber Threat Intelligence. Normally taking place within organisations, but how does CTI work in the context of ISACs? Can taskforces collectively produce a better situational awareness?

During the workshop we showed what a collective CTI approach entails for cyber professionals and their work in ISACs and their employer-organisations. How? By elaborating on the history and future of CTI, share experiences from other EU ISAC members, discuss maturity levels within CTI and operationalisation (how to perform CTI).

So who's this workshop for? Anyone with an interest in starting CTI as a collaborative service among ISAC-member organisations. Participation will strengthen you, your organisation and the ISAC you participate in; and it could inspire you to develop a career path that contributes to an improved societal cyber resilience.

The goal of this workshop was to inform you and to inspire you to set-up intra-ISAC CTI. The materials and sources from the workshop are freely available.


The Empowering EU-ISAC Consortium