Empowering EU-ISACs

Online Thematic Workshop 6: How to put cyber workforce theory into practice?

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This workshop is about cyber workforce development in the context of information sharing and analysis. These activities are often only described in general terms; during the workshop we will show what this actually might implicate for cyber professionals and their work in ISACs and their employer-organisation. How? By elaborating on the tasks, knowledge, skills and abilities cyber professionals should possess to perform information sharing and analysis activities. It will strengthen you, your organisation and the ISAC you participate in; and it could inspire you to develop a career path that contributes to an improved societal cyber resilience.
The goal of this workshop is to provide you with the information and tools to develop a cyber workforce that is equipped for the goal and tasks of the organisation you work for or participate in. The materials and sources from the workshop are freely available. 

Interested in joining? Send a message to info@isacs.eu.

Slides Workshop 6 [PDF, 1MB]