European ISACs


The EE-ISAC is an industry-driven, information sharing network of trust. Private utilities, solution providers and (semi) public institutions such as academia, governmental and non-profit organizations share valuable information on cyber security & cyber resilience.

EE-ISAC - European Energy Information Sharing & Analysis Centre:


The European FI-ISAC, the European Financial Institutes – Information Sharing and Analysis Centre, is an independent organisation, that was founded in 2008.

FI-ISAC – the European Financial Institutes – Information Sharing and Analysis Centre:


The European Rail ISAC (ER-ISAC) improves the resilience and security of the European Rail Infrastructure Manager and Railway Undertaking. ER-ISAC offers a community of communities to facilitate this proactive information sharing and analysis.

ER-ISAC - European Rail Information Sharing and Analysis Centre

European Rail ISAC -


EuroSCSIE supports information sharing and analysis regarding Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems in critical infrastructures. It was founded in 2005.

EuroSCSIE  - European SCADA and Control Systems Information Exchange


EU Maritime ISAC supports sharing and analysis regarding information that helps to increase the cyber resilience of the European Maritime Sector

EM-ISAC – European Maritime Information Sharing and Analysis Centre



ECCSA is a voluntary, cooperative partnership within the aviation community to better understand the emerging cybersecurity risks in aviation and to provide collective support in dealing with cybersecurity incidents, weaknesses and unauthorised interactions that could potentially affect the sector’s resiliency and safety.

ECCSA - European Centre for Cybersecurity in Aviation -


PISAX creates a common pan-European Information Sharing and Analysis Center to support Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) and General Packet Radio Service Roaming eXchange (GRXs ) at the national, European and international level.

PISAX - pan-European Information Sharing and Analysis Center to IXPs and GRXs -

ISAC for Cities (I4C+)

I4C+ is an Information and Analysis Center (ISAC) whose members are CIOs/CISOs of cities exchanging personal sensitive knowledge to improve their individual and collective cyber resilience. 

I4C+ - ISAC for Cities Plus -

European Health ISAC

Information Sharing and Analysis Center for the european health sector. A trusted community for sharing physical and cyber threat intel.


Agrifood ISAC


European Water ISAC


Cyber Information and Intelligence Sharing Initiative CIISI-EU

A multilateral cyber information and intelligence sharing initiative, which brings together a community of public and private entities, to facilitate the systematic and structured sharing of vital strategic, operational and tactical cyber information and intelligence as well as best practices among themselves.